Professor David Oakley Founder and Co-Director of the Hypnosis Unit UK, Clinical Psychologist chartered by the British Psychological Society.

David OakleyDavid Oakley is a chartered Clinical Psychologist and Professor Emeritus in the Psychology Department at University College London (UCL) and Honorary Professor in Cardiff University. He is a former editor of the journal Contemporary Hypnosis and shares the Directorship of the Hypnosis Unit UK with Val Walters. He is closely involved in research and teaching on the nature of hypnosis and its uses when applied to psychology, medicine and dentistry.  A current interest is in the use of suggestion in hypnosis as a research tool,in particular to create experimental analogues for clinically relevant problems in pain, volition, memory, motor control and self-awareness and to explore their brain mechanisms with functional neuroimaging. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society and has recently co-edited two books: “Malingering and Illness Deception” with Peter Halligan and Chris Bass (published in 2003 by Oxford University Press) and “The Highly Hypnotizable Person” with Mike Heap and Richard Brown (published in 2004 by Brunner-Routledge).

Dr Val Walters Co-Director of the Hypnosis Unit UK. Counselling Psychologist chartered by the British Psychological Society.

Val WaltersVal Walters is a chartered Counselling Psychologist and shares the Directorship of the Hypnosis Unit UK with David Oakley.  Along with David Oakley she has, for a number of years, been developing initiatives in training programmes and clinical services involving the use of hypnosis.   In 2000 Val was responsible for setting up the UCL Diploma/MSc Programme in Hypnosis Applied to Dentistry in association with the Eastman Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. Val also set up the undergraduate Stress Management Service at UCL and is currently running stress management sessions for groups of PhD students as part of the UCL Graduate Skills programme as well as self-hypnosis training programmes for research staff at UCL. Val teaches the clinical applications of hypnosis, and also runs stress management sessions for dentists, musicians and other professionals. Her current research interests include the use of self-hypnosis in the management of IBS and hypnosis as an adjunct to the treatment of PTSD. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. 


David and Val are both Chartered Psychologists, registered with the British Psychological Society

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